Hello everyone and welcome to another Quick Bite here on the RestauRant Podcast talking about a surprisingly pleasant experience I had recently at the Red Robin on the Vestal Parkway. You won't believe the final score I ended up at for a chain restaurant... and how they cooked my burger! I'll be back next week with a brand new full-length episode! Thank you so much for listening!

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Red Robin (Vestal, NY)

Atmosphere/Decor 8/10
Service 15/15
Drinks 5/10
Soups/Apps 20/20
Entree 25/30
Dessert N/A
Experience Score 5/5

TOTAL 78/90

I too was shocked that I got a burger that was cooked to order. From Red Robin! The steak fries are so amazing I could just eat them all day. Get better drinks, guys. Come on.

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