Hello everyone and welcome to the final episode of Season 3 of the RestauRant Podcast! I'll be taking a much-needed break to check out some new recipes and record some new restaurant reviews ahead of season 4 which will start this September. I'm so glad you're here, and this week I am celebrating YOU! I'm cooking two recipes submitted by fans of the show over in our Reserved Seating facebook group in the Recipe of the Week.

Also this week, a review of Consol Family Kitchen in Endicott, which just opened a new bourbon lounge and has been open for 72 years! I'll also talk about the pork chops with jasmine rice I whipped up for dinner and so much more.

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Consol Family Kitchen (Endicott, NY)

Atmosphere/Decor 5/10
Service 15/15
Drinks 10/10
Soups/Apps 15/20
Entree 22/30
Pizza 7/10
Experience Score 5/5

TOTAL 79/100

Overall, the decor at Consol's could use some updating, as the new bar area and bourbon lounge are absolutely gorgeous, but there are THREE different ceiling types we walked past on our way to our seats in what is clearly a mish-mash of various add-ons over its 72-year history. The restaurant is badly outdated which is a shame because the food is pretty solid and the pizza is really good, especially at nine bucks for a cheese pie. The tables are worn, the chairs are ripped, the floor is uneven; it's just an old restaurant, and it'd be even more amazing with a facelift. Our server Marissa was excellent; she was very attentive and kind.

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