Hello everyone and welcome to Random Recipe Challenge number FIVE! It's hard to believe I've already done the random recipe challenge five times, but here we are, and this time we're talking breakfast. In the recipe of the week segment I'll tell you about my banana bread buttermilk waffles, which I topped with a dreamy strawberry maple syrup and served with an andouille sausage scallion bacon hash.

Before we get there, however, the RestauRant is proud to welcome its very first guests! Two amazing friends of the show are here, and honestly, the show is here because of them, as talking to them about food in our Three Cocks in a Pot specials inspired me to do a food podcast of my own. I'm thrilled to welcome David the Producer and Adam to the show! David will tell us about his favorite style of scrambled eggs derived from Jacques Pépin, using the Sunny Paris seasoning at In the second segment, Adam tells us about some BBQ pork chops he grilled up with his very first homemade BBQ sauce. Thank you so much for being on the show guys!!!

If you like the show and want to talk food and check out recipes from the show, please join the amazing facebook group, Reserved Seating, at There you'll meet other fans of the show that are passionate about food, from every level of cook from novice to seasoned professional! You can also vote on future Random Recipe segments, restaurants for me to visit, and submit your own recipes for me to cook. Bon appetit!

Check out Adam's hilarious comedy show at Every week he and Bryon get into conversations about everything weird and wonderful, and they even do interviews!

David is the producer of the Unwritable Rant podcast which you can find at Juliette tells hilarious "bourbon-soaked" stories and also does amazing interviews with celebrity guests.

Please check out and donate to Perry and Lindsay Johnson to help them cope with medical and living costs. Perry was recently diagnosed with stage IV stomach and esophogeal cancer, and he cannot work but they need all the help they can get. Please give what you can at


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